August 2016

We returned home from the most fulfilling mission trip you can imagine.  For those who returned to Nicaragua we were able to see the fruits of our labor (New cottage and a Chapel) from the previous year.   Most of all we were reunited with children’s smiles, hugs, bites and love.  For those who went for the first time learned to communicate with children who did not speak, but understood “Love”.  They also experience an unconditional love and care by the caregivers that truly love the children.

Our main focus was to spend time with the children, whom we did daily by teaching them English, singing songs, swing on the swings running with them or simply giving smiles and hugs.  We daily had a desire to see the children each day so we could develop a strong relationship and spend time with them.

We shared daily Mass with the children. The children at times sang the songs in Spanish and joined us when we had the Mass in English. We also visited a church with the children in the city; in which we were welcomed by the Pastor.